Sunday, June 06, 2010

Ohio State Marion Literary Awards Contest

I came in 2nd place with an honorable mention at this year's contest.  Here's what the judge said:
Congratulations! It is my pleasure to inform you that you have won 2nd place, for your poem, "Old Cabinet on Midsummer's Eve," and Honorable Mention for "Die Nichtigkeit," in The Ohio University at Marion's 2010 Creative Writing Contest! Way to go, Ben! Here's what the judge (not affiliated with OSU-Marion) said about your 2nd place poem:

"The wild stream-of-consciousness jumps and shifts in this poem take the reader on a vivid and, at times, vaguely surreal ride through dead trees, black and white frogs, cotton elephants, and bleached bones. Each time as a reader you begin to think you have found your bearings, the poet surprises you with another detour, another leap, until the old cabinet begins to seem that it must contain the great mysteries themselves, must be our stand-in for the earth, warmed by an unforgiving sun."

Old Cabinet

An old cabinet on midsummer's eve
A jazz tune humming music's melody.

Dead trees crumpled with a barren smell-
The traffic's lurching, engines failing.

Broke, stone birds wanting chiseled out to fly
While the sun's too sick to play.

Black and white frogs frown nearby from a painting
With teardrop eyes, confused identity.

Above it all butterflies flap determined
to find meaning in the winding trunks

Of trees and souls of wripped up cotton elephants
Discarded in a backwards Amish country.

But the knowledge it will never come
As voices fade and bones are bleached.

By a sun so unforgiving, vague and hollow-
An atmosphere to keep the heat at night.

Die Nichtigkeit

Das ist die Nichtigkeit,
Ein Star in Zeit.

Wir waren zusammen
Und jetzt abgesondert.

Die Sonneneruption ist unsere Liebe
Änderne die Pols und zerstören Raumfähren.

Aber, ich kann nie dich ergeben –
Hielt meine Hande an, steht bei mir neben.

Kuss mich, bitte fur die alten Tag
Saubert mein Herz auf meinen Beschlag!


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