Sunday, May 23, 2010

Psychadelic III

Heaven is a hedonistic heap of hope;
A lavish land with LG lava –
Freezers, fryers, fridges, phones!

Our cloud’s a callous cardboard cut
From a whirling, wasting washer box –
Scotch tape, screws and Styrofoam!

God’s not dead, he’s shown on DVD
Just $19.95 for all fulfilling faith –
Crosses, Crucifix and Jesus Christ!

St. Peter’s selling scriptures on the side
Of Gabriel and 8th –
Hocking, haggling, hooting, hoarse!

Marx is meeting with the masses;
Revering revolution once again –
For the proletariat!

And, I am
… dead?


  1. very nice, Mr. Ditty!

    enjoyed it thoroughly. Not least for the abundant alliterations.

  2. H'y! Missed you!

    I'm happy they weren't overbearing :D


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