Monday, March 29, 2010

A Day in the Pocket

A Day in the Pocket


Mohandas Gandhi
Queen Elizabeth
Thomas Jefferson
Andrew Jackson

Scene opens with actors in currency costumes; they are laying around as if dropped; setting is within a lady’s purse

Queen Elizabeth: That was a dreadful fall, what a way to treat your queen!

Gandhi: Perhaps they honor no king or queen but God.

Queen Elizabeth: As my subject I implore you to keep silence from such blasphemies.

Thomas Jefferson: A man must make his own mandate in this world.

Andrew Jackson: And forever fight to keep it true.

Gandhi: But fight with heart, not ammo.

Jackson: A battle of hearts is no battle at all. Men are minds, men are bones and limb.

Gandhi: I disagree, the heart pumps life to all of these, it is intertwined.

Queen Elizabeth: Less chatter, more bowing!

Jackson: Off with that shrew’s head!

Gandhi: Please, kill not. Let her see the folly in her desire to control.

Thomas Jefferson: Evil is not so easily negotiated down.

Gandhi: It is a slippery slope, is all. One strike will bring another until our humanity is forsaken and nothing can exist but rage.

Queen Elizabeth: Sing me a song Gandhi.

Gandhi: I politely refuse.

Queen Elizabeth: Then I will force you.

Gandhi: So be it.

The Queen tries to force Gandhi’s mouth into song but he does not fight back; she soon tires with guilt and sits down

Queen Elizabeth: And let that be a lesson to you.

Gandhi: Her will has weakened but her pride remains.

Jackson: And to think of all we’ve lost with war!

Jefferson: I’ve been a fool, what lessons I have taught! My nation will succumb to war!

Gandhi: Don’t lose faith in God. He will put light into their hearts.

Jefferson: And what if he does not?

Gandhi: He shall.

Jackson: He shall.

Jefferson: He shall.

Elizabeth: I’m feeling very lonely.

Gandhi: You’ve begun the slow recovery from hate.

Elizabeth: shivering How long will it last?

Gandhi: For every prayer you say and every vice renounced the ugliness within will diminish and retire, until your heart blooms as a tulip on a sweet Spring day.

Elizabeth: Sounds lovely.

Gandhi: Yes.
Mali, I need you.


  1. I liked it... but I thought it could have more in terms of - not only the personalities of the leaders, but also the net worth of the currency they represented.

    Plus the fact that the Euro doesn't have any tangible personality on it.. just a symbol. mute, manmade, yet outlasting human lifespans. but this is just a thought :-)

  2. ooo that's genius too :)

    wish we could write it together at a quaint cafe.


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