Friday, February 12, 2010


I saw the children finding cans for cash;
I saw empty cups long since discarded –
Wrappers, cigarettes and plastic jugs!

The ditches sang the songs of beggary
Grass chimed in with blues-like melody –
Hating, loathing human carelessness!

Trees tried valiantly to rise above it
But cried their somber leaves into the wind –
Drifting, floating, airborne melancholy!

Snow brought allusions of some purity
It could cover up yet never undo –
Decades, years, of woeful, raping refuse!

Old tires took their sordid bath in rain
A coupon felt embrace of sediment –
Sinking, dipping to the core and mantle!

A Mountain Dew from God knows when appeared
Resurrected for the coming rapture –
Clawing, crawling from its muddy gravesite!

Quite disenchanted with Mother Nature
I closed my eyes to take a thoughtful breath –
Sighing, coping, I took myself away!

In a minute I was brought right back
Passing truck monoxide overtook my lungs –
Wheezing, coughing, I fell unto weak knees!

I hit a bag of chips with great disgust
And went back to nap upon my bed –
Secure in dreams where life won't disappoint!

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