Monday, August 12, 2013

Poetic Perspectives on Love

I'm often fascinated how differently people view the same words, ideas and concepts.  I find this especially true with the word love and recently asked several poets to describe what loves means to them.  Perhaps we can get closer to unraveling something so painfully elusive?

Huge thanks to Amber Jerome Norrgard, Regina Puckett, Poppy Ruth Silver, Helle Gade, Brock Gates, Sreya Bremtin, and Susie Clevenger for their beautiful words.

August 6th 2008 - Leave a Little Room In Your Heart

I will fight against you, for you
Because you mean more to me
than any fight can ever erase

Amber Jerome~Norrgard

Breathes held between
lingering sighs. Tangled thoughts
hemorrhage through loving eyes.

Regina Puckett

It is the surrender
that loses light
and yet invites

Poppy Ruth Silver

I walked into your soul
Embraced all that you were with my love
But death is a jealous lover
Now that you are gone
I'll forgive, but never forget

Helle Gade
Silent Dreams - Nocturnal Embers

When hate dies, compassion begins, when a violent urge to take care and be one with another, that is a two side deal, to break free of the curse of loneliness

Brock Gates
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Love is energy
And motion over time
Transcending distance.

Love will save us
If it doesn't kill us first.

Broken bottles
Shatter glass
Into a love letter
On the tear stained floor.

Ben Ditmars

midnight rain kisses
shower eye lashes with dew
the sweet love of you

spider web wishes
tangle around thoughts of you
to hold fast my heart

you spoke, i answered
together we wrote the words
that said everything

Sreya Bremtin

I came with heartbreak
and you never left my side
through sickness and health

together we stood
facing every storm trusting
faith would see us through

goodnight never saw
our heads lay upon anger
forgiveness our choice

life came with its thorns
but they couldn’t divide us
love defied all odds 

Susie Clevenger


  1. Beautiful poetry in so many different voices :) Awesome idea you had there, Ben! Thanks for including me :)

  2. What Ben this was an awesome idea. Love is the most subjective word in the human language isn't it? :)

  3. very cool blend of the is one of those things that you can look at every day and still see yet another facet of it....

  4. It's a pleasure to read all of these at one place ... lovely.

  5. Awesome! All of them, great subject because everyone see it in a different way.

  6. Wonderful! I am so happy I stopped by~
    Great stuff :D


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